iPad deployment underway at Grafton High — BRING YOUR CASE!

Good news for Grafton High School students: their summer without an iPad is now over and they’re ready for pickup (unless you’re a freshman).

GHSShirts4Bad news for Grafton High parents: the iPads MUST be picked up with a case, and the GHS cases the iPads came with last year aren’t good enough.

My junior went in this morning, on his way to his SAT-prep class at his father’s company, and brought along the GHS case. I got a frantic call from the road instructing me on where to find his keyboard case so I could pick it up later, since he’d filled out all the required paperwork. At the high school, I met a whole stream of irritated parents who were exiting iPad-less since they didn’t know about the case requirement.

I just checked the two emails I was sent about iPad deployment and they say absolutely nothing about a case. I was told “it was also on the website.”

It is NOT on the front of the GHS website, which details the times (all most people really want to know). If you click through to the iPad deployment page, you get this note:

For the 2013-2014 school year, cases will be required for iPads.  The district has purchased some cases and will loan them to students.  Students may purchase their own cases.  Each student must have a case to receive or pick up an iPad. Upperclassmen who have already purchased a case last year that is not on the approved list and their iPad has not been damaged, are not required to purchase a new approved case.

I’ll note here that my son turned in an undamaged iPad since he was promised a whole lot of punishment  if I had to use the insurance. Here’s a list of approved cases.

Really, though, I didn’t even look at the school website. I saw the times in the emails I received, forwarded them on to the kid and husband, and they figured they needed to have the case from last year. Not good enough!

From what I was told, there was a whole lot of screen cracking going on last year. I’m surprised the case requirement apparently wasn’t even in place.

So fantastic! There is now an iPad in our house again. Now the kid can get to doing his prepwork for all his AP classes!


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