6 thoughts on “For the love of God, don’t EAT SALAD and drive

  1. So, So scary…glad you’re ok. I HATE 495..the entire road is a death-trap. When we lived near Washington, D.C. I used to see drivers reading the Washington Post & drinking coffee while driving in 5 lanes of traffic going 65 mph on the Beltway. How cavalier of some drivers….

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. I am glad you are ok.

    It was heartening to hear about the people who followed the car that hit you and called it in.

  3. Glad you are OK Jenn – I’ve been doing that run up to Littleton or Nashua for the past 17 years – that road is awful.

    I can’t believe the guy actually admitted he was eating a salad. Not sure which is more stupid, eating the salad or telling the cop that’s what he was doing. Well, I guess stupid is as stupid does…

  4. I really am glad that you are okay. Too bad for your car though. I enjoy your blog very much and refer your blog to every Grafton person I know. I’ve been driving to Chelmsford since 2007 and I don’t think 495 is as bad Mass Pike and 95, which I was taking everyday the previous 9 years. 495 is usually quite predictable.

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