Good morning Grafton, here’s your live Red Sox Rolling Rally coverage!

It’s Red Sox Rolling Rally Day and I am, hopefully, on Boylston Street right now with my 16-year-old son and 72-year-old father watching a bunch of guys with beards waving from Duck Boats. I  promised the kid that I would take him if a championship parade was ever NOT on a school day and today, I finally get to keep that promise.

Part of the fun of my new job at the Lowell Sun is getting to test out all kinds of new digital toys. If all goes well, what you will see below is a whole mess of Tweets and Instagram posts from the parade, courtesy of an app called Rebel Mouse. And if all goes really well, the photos you see from me will magically post from my lovely Greater Grafton Camera to my iPhone, where I can throw them to Twitter and my editor back at The Sun via an Eye-Fi photo card in the camera and the DropBox app. Toys! They’re fun!

Unless they don’t work. Then I’m just going to have to do the photo thing the old-fashioned way. Sigh.


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