Apparently, 2014 is full of surprises

1503384_10151615833142465_1061421606_nWe were barely out of 2013 when I got the call: 2014 will be the year two classes of college students will be calling me “Professor Paluzzi.”

I’ve been hired as an adjunct professor at Emmanuel College in Boston, teaching Intro to Journalism and Writing for Electronic Media. I start Wednesday. I’ve spoken to a lot of college classes over the years, but these will be the first students I will call my own.

It’s a huge step. I will still be working full-time at The Sun in Lowell. I’ll be spending a bit of time blogging, but I’ve started a new site for lecturing the students. My blogging here has been sporadic, true, but I’m not expecting to return here until at least after the semester is finished.

In less me me me news, meet Daisy. She’s 6 feet tall, 145 lbs., and a newborn giraffe, now undergoing treatment at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University here in Grafton. Sound familiar? Circle of blog, circle of life?

Thank you, Grafton.


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