Prom night on Grafton Common, 2014 edition

IMG_8774Hello Grafton!

It’s been a very busy semester at Emmanuel College, but the first two classes of Professor Paluzzi-trained journalists have survived several months of live-Tweeting, story writing and always-have-your-camera lectures. They probably heard a little too much about the town of Grafton and city of Lowell in the process, but hey, teach what you know!

I finished grading finals Friday night, just in time for an important reunion Saturday: I picked up the camera for the first time in months (no, REALLY), headed to Grafton Common, and took a ton of photos of teenagers in formalwear. Grafton High prom night! Tuxes! Sparkles! The battle for the prime spot on the bandstand! And this year… my son and all his friends, looking glamorous and way too old for a bunch of kids who were all in first grade just yesterday.

In any case…

I took pictures. A lot of pictures. I probably photobombed a lot of pictures in the process. Grafton Common was mobbed, it was a beautiful night, and HERE is your photo gallery Graftonites — because even if I’m not covering Grafton anymore, I’m going to go nuts with the Greater Grafton Camera every now and then.

Some notes on photos: it’s heavy on theater kids, I didn’t include as many photos of my son as I could have, and I love that every single year, I end up shooting at least one kid on a cell phone in the exact same spot.


One thought on “Prom night on Grafton Common, 2014 edition

  1. Thanks Jenn! It just doesn’t feel like Prom if you aren’t snapping pictures!

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