Two dogs mauled to death at Grafton kennel


I’m trying to imagine what it would be like if I returned from a vacation, ran to the kennel to pick up my beloved beagle, and learned only then that she was torn apart by another dog.

That’s what happened to this Shrewsbury couple when they boarded their tiny dogs at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort in Grafton.

From the T&G:

“I don’t know how it (the Siberian Husky) can loosen a bar two cages over? Then, I’m thinking, how are they in the same area, a big dog and two little teeny dogs? They don’t even weigh seven pounds,” Ms. Davis-Demers said. “We said to him, ‘How is it possible that this dog is going crazy, can make all this racket, get out of its kennel and go after my two dogs, nobody sees anything, nobody hears it and it has the chance to do this to my two dogs?’”

More from Upton Daily:

Brenda said her husband Roger took photos of the cage the husky was in. “The cage is rusted and held together with a zip tie and they put my two small boys only two cages down with just one cage separating them,” she said. According to Brenda, Grafton does not perform routine kennel inspections. “There was no oversight,” she said.

The husky was allowed to return home to Northbridge with its owners.

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