In Northbridge ‘Whether a dog kills another dog is irrelevant’

Jennifer Doyle at Upton Daily follows up on the two dogs who were killed at Gibson’s in Grafton over the summer, focusing on the dangerousness hearing in Northbridge on the husky that mauled them.



On Monday September 14 Northbridge Selectmen held a dog hearing to determine if the dog who mauled and killed two toy pups while boarding at Gibson Kennel in Grafton was a dangerous dog. The hearing was held at the request of Roger and Brenda Demers of Shrewsbury, the owners of the two dogs who were killed. According to Gibson Kennel the Northbridge Husky was banging her cage while boarding and was able to break out. The husky was found with the toy poodle in her mouth, according to the kennel.

After a two-hour hearing the Northbridge husky was deemed a nuisance and was ordered to undergo weekly training at a kennel selected by the Northbridge ACO, the husky must be supervised around other dogs for the next thirty days. After the thirty days the board will reevaluate the restrictions.

Brenda Demers held back tears while reliving the tragic event. What…

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