Owner of two dogs killed at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort offered testimony for stricter regulations for kennels

Jennifer Doyle at Upton Daily continues her coverage of this story!


171301_197612440254834_5903564_o Odin and Graham

Brenda Demers, formerly of Upton,  recently testified in support of  legislation filed to regulate boarding kennels and daycare facilities for dogs (H630). Brenda’s two tea size cup pups were mauled to death by a Siberian husky while boarding at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort in Grafton, Ma in the spring of 2015.

Rep. James M. Cantwell (D-Marshfield), Rep. Louis L. Kafka (D-Stoughton), and Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema (D-Holliston) filed legislation to ensure dogs are safe while staying at boarding kennels or doggie daycares. The legislation addresses staff qualifications and staff/dog ratios. The legislation also addresses group sizes, supervision of dogs, housing and care requirements, indoor and outdoor physical facility requirements, utilities, dog handling, body language interpretation, breed familiarity,  and emergency response training. The legislation would include fines for violations.

Demers said, “This is a high-profit business with no one overseeing them, no regulations, and very low standards. There…

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