Disaster Girl coverShe’s baaaack.

Jennifer Lord Paluzzi started Greater Grafton in April 2008 and published it regularly for the next year, when she was side-tracked into an experiment in hyperlocal journalism, GraftonTimes.com. That begat CentralMassNews.com and 11 town-centric websites, which were sold to Main Street Connect, a New York-based hyperlocal news network, in 2011. Main Street Connect became The Daily Voice in 2012 and, in March 2013, it killed off its entire Massachusetts news operation.

Jenn is now older, wiser, and has quite the collection of business cards from the ridiculous number of name changes. Luckily, she retained the box of pale pink Greater Grafton cards, because she’s now back to blogging — at least when she has some spare time from her new life as a digital editor at The Sun of Lowell and journalism professor at Emmanuel College. In her prior life, she was an editor and reporter at the MetroWest Daily News. She was a speaker at the 2011 Online News Association National Convention and has discussed her transition from ink-stained wretch to online news hound with students at Harvard University, Northeastern University, UMass-Amherst and other colleges in Massachusetts.

Greater Grafton is all about life in Grafton, Mass., where everyone has an opinion. Photo and blog submissions are always welcome.

Have news about Grafton that you want to get out there? Email greatergrafton(at)gmail.com

A note about comments: Comments are more than welcome and feel free to wade into the fray. First time commenters are always held for moderation — don’t post the same thing multiple times, Jenn’s not online 24-7 — and you must use a valid email address. Keep the same user name and the same address and your comments will generally sail through the next time.

Keep in mind that the people who are commenting here are your neighbors. If you won’t say it to someone’s face, don’t even think about saying it here.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Just a note to say thank you so much for producing this blog. It is a huge asset to the commmunity, and my wife and I read it all the time. Given the woeful quality of the Grafton News, this blog is my go-to site whenever I want to read anything of actual value pertaining to Grafton.

  2. We continue to read your blog everyday. Keep up the good work. You dry wit interjected into your stories makes me laugh out loud at work (not always a good thing when I am supposed to be working and not playing)

    Thanks for the great effort!

  3. Hey-
    I also wanted to just throw a quick comment in saying how much I enjoy reading your blog. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house in North Grafton growing up, and have now lived in town for a couple years. I found your blog through the Train Stopping blog, another one of my favorites. Every day now I look forward to what issues both of you have decided to tackle, be it town politics or Braddish’s closing for the season. Your blog makes it very easy for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to get some great local information without going to town meetings or heavy research. On the other hand, it’s nice seeing the lighter issues too. For some reason, seeing pics of local places, like Braddish’s and Purgatory, make them seem somehow more official(?). As if seeing someone else publish something about them means they’re real or getting some recognition. Tough one to describe, but I hope you see where I’m going with it. Great job!

  4. Hey! Just discovered this site while perusing the web for Grafton-related items. I’m bookmarking it!

    I’ve lived in a townhouse in N. Grafton for a couple of years now (my wife, whom I just married in May has lived there for 8+ years). We just bought our first single-family home on the other side of N. Grafton, near the Westborough line, so it looks like we’ll be permanent residents now. I guess that means I can start going to Town Meetings — and reading your blog!

  5. Today I found this site and I must say that it has provided a wealth of knowledge and sparked some controversy (as evidence by some of the postings). I especially enjoyed seeing that even neighborhoods are getting into the action and creating their own blogs. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Was so excited to find your blog tonight. I grew up in Grafton and have always considered it home. Do you have RSS set up so I can subscribe and view your posts in a reader?

  7. Hi Jenn,
    I think it’s you that I met on Friday night at WNO.
    Your blog looks great and I hope it takes off! I’m marking it in my favorites now. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me on Friday.

  8. Hi Jenn ~ I looked for you last night at WNO, but I was only there for about an hour, and it was on the early side. Sorry I missed you!

  9. I just took another look at the historical pic from wyman & gordon (I’m a history teacher by trade) and I couldn’t help but think what an amazing little gem your blog is. I know I’ve already thanked you, but at this point I’m blown away by the scale with which you have single handily documented the historical, cultural, and political world of our town. It really is great.

  10. Thanks for the comments, but Greater Grafton is really the sum of its parts — residents who send tips and ideas, who add shading to posts with their comments. I’m always looking for ideas and contributions, so keep it up!

  11. I just wanted to throw in a side note regarding the flickr photos. They are all great, but the ones by VSSankar continue to blow me away. Exceptional stuff.

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