More Molly

Krista Perry, my fabulous former intern, and my former colleague Ken McGagh, who takes way better pictures than I ever will, teamed up for this story about Molly the giraffe, now home at Southwick Zoo. I miss working with them both, which is why I won’t mention I wrote about Molly weeks ago. Oops.

Paint of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Admit it, I say “Nutcracker” and you’re suddenly hit with an all-afternoon earworm of Tchaikovsky. Sorry about that. But North Grafton artist Lisa Mackin is going to be stuck in “The Nutcracker” for most of the year, since she’s painting the sets for Ballet Arts Worcester’s production for next season. You can read about it…

Ice? Dam!

The big story off the afternoon bus today: the WBZ-TV van was spotted in our neighborhood! Turns out some neighbors were featured in a “OMG, the storm is coming, better clear off the roof” story. It doesn’t look like I can embed the video here, so check it out on their site.